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General Lighting: Light Transmission Test System
Customer: Global Lighting Company

Product: Custom Light Transmission Measurement System

Industry: Lighting

Goal: A leading manufacturer in the lighting industry needed a computerized light measurement system to characterize the total and spot transmission of polycrystalline alumina tubing used in the assembly of high intensity light bulbs. The customer’s previous light measurement system, designed by a different vendor, was slow and produced erratic test results because the tubes were manufactured in different diameters and lengths.

Solution: Labsphere engineers designed a transmission measurement system in two components, each controlled by the same software. A 20-inch diameter light measurement integrating sphere collected the total flux transmission from the sample tube mounted inside the sphere. A laser-based, motion controlled scanning device measured the spot transmission at various locations along the full length of the tube. The integrated software provided access to both system components so that simultaneous total and spot transmission testing was possible. Two additional systems have been ordered.
LEDs Testing: LED Test Facility
Customer: Global LED Manufacturer

Product: Custom LED Test Facility
 Industry: LED Manufacturing

Goal: A leading manufacturer of LEDs required a computerized light measurement system to characterize the optical and electrical L-I-V properties of their high flux LEDs for their lighting applications. The customer wanted a turnkey system that could obtain accurate test results quickly in a quality control environment and record the characterization data automatically.

Solution: Labsphere engineers designed an integrating sphere-based system that performed the optical and electrical tests simultaneously on a circuit board containing up to 20 test LEDs at a time. The custom Labsphere software recorded the characterization data for each LED and compiled statistical data for quality control analysis. An identical system was ordered two years later.


Paper: Spectralon® Housing for UV Lamps
Customer: Global Color Management Provider

Product: Spectralon® Housing for UV Lamps

Industry: Paper

Background: This global color management provider produces UV optical brightness testers for the paper industry. The equipment is placed in paper mills, where the equipment runs 24 hours a day. The environment is very rough and dirty. 

Reflective UV lamp housing that is both durable and able to be cleaned.

Solution: Spectralon® is machined into the required housing shape. Spectralon® was chosen because of its durability and the ability to clean the surface. Spectralon® also doesn’t discolor with the UV light. The housing is manufactured to withstand harsh environments.

Laser Manufacturer: Spectralon®
Customer: Leading provider of high-power diode laser components, DPSS pump modules, and lasers.

Product: Spectralon® Laser Cavities

Industry: Laser Manufacturer

Background: Vertically integrated manufacturer with EPI wafer processing, packaging, and laser design capabilities. Their laser diode-based products are used in a wide variety of commercial and military applications.

Goal: To provide compact, efficient, reliable and durable laser systems while maintaining >95% of rated output power.

Solution: Spectralon® machined laser cavities and components

Medical: Spectraflect® Coated X-ray Cylinders
Customer: Medical Imaging Manufacturer

Product: Spectraflect® Coated X-ray Cylinders

Industry: Digital Imaging

Background: Manufacturer of digital imaging equipment. Proprietary technology is the result of precision engineering, which integrates electronic, optical and mechanical design. This guarantees production of high quality digital imaging tools for the medical profession.

Goal: To stay at the forefront of medical imaging technology using a combination of experience, continuing research, and input from our users all over the world resulting in constant technological advances.

Solution: High reflective Spectraflect® coated cylinders providing clear concise digital imaging.

Avionics: Spectraflect® Coating
Customer: Cockpit Display Manufacturer

Product: Spectraflect® Coated Pieces

Industry: Avionics
Background: A leading manufacturer of avionics systems that are used worldwide on a full range of aircraft types from helicopters to corporate turbine aircraft and large commercial airliners.

Goal: Durable, environmentally resistant diffuse reflectance coating for their high-end airplane heads-up cockpit displays.

Solution: Spectraflect® coated back panel reflectors


Aerospace: 2-meter Uniform Source System
Customer: Asian Government Organization

Product: Custom 2-meter Uniform Source System

The ability to perform radiometric calibrations and flat fielding applications on large CCD arrays.

  • 14 Radiance Bands

  • Hit Multiple Output Level

  • Monitor with Filter-based Radiometers

  • Integrated Spectral Radiance Monitor

  • Normal and Angular Mappings

  • Internal Temperature Monitor

  • Multiple Exit Port Dimension

  • Tests Performed with all Apertures
  • Control Software
Aerospace: 76 inch Uniform Source System
Customer: Asian Space Agency Contractor 

Product: Custom 76-inch Uniform Source System
Industry: Aerospace

The ability to perform radiometric calibrations and flat fielding applications on large CCD arrays.

A custom 76-inch integrating sphere with Spectraflect® coating was fitted with 21 tungsten-halogen illuminators, spread strategically around the front perimeter of the exit port, along with seven radiance monitoring devices. A 35U instrument rack with 21 programmable power supplies for each light source was added and both the sphere assembly and the instrument rack were fitted with heavy-duty casters for mobility.
Aerospace: 40 inch Solar Simulator System

Customer: Asian Government Organization 

Product: Custom 40 inch Solar Simulator System

Industry: Aerospace

Uniform radiance approximating the spectral radiance of an Albedo 1 object illuminated by the sun.

A custom 40-inch integrating sphere with Spectraflect® coating was fitted with an extended flanged exit port, six 300W xenon illuminators, nine internal or external tungsten-halogen illuminators, three detector assemblies, variable attenuator, supporting electronics and custom software.
Aerospace (NASA): 1.5 meter Uniform Source System
Customer: Jet Propulsion Laboratory + NASA

Product: Custom 1.5 meter Uniform Source System

To be able to calibrate their spectroradiometer, MISR Multi-Imaging Spectroradiometer. 

 MISR was built for NASA by JPL, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and launched in 1999 aboard NASA’s Terra Spacecraft. 

Terra orbits the earth crossing the equator at 10:30AM local time. To be able to calibrate the spectroradiometer once in space, one of nature’s most reliable radiance sources was used, the sun, with a spectral target mounted on a swing arm in MISR. Desert sands are sometimes used as well to verify the calibration. 

MISR sweeps over 70 degrees FOV

  A custom 1.5-meter integrating sphere with Spectraflect® coating was fitted with nine detectors, each with four linear array strips for a total of 1500 pixels. Each strip was filtered for a spectral bands in the blue, green, red and NIR.


LiDAR 测距校准漫反射板