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Adapta Spheres

Labsphere’s AdaptaSphere Series offers design flexibility to meet a variety of applications. The AdaptaSphere Series is available in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 inch diameter sizes, configured with either 2, 3, 4 or 5 ports. AdaptaSpheres are coated with Spectraflect®, our specially formulated diffuse white reflectance coating for use over the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength region.

Optional attachments are available to adapt an integrating sphere to a particular application. Most applications will require some of the following: a baffle, port frame reducers, port reducers and port plugs. Other available attachments include an adjustable base assembly, port adaptors, light traps, laser targets and holders for reflectance/transmittance samples, filters and detectors.

How to Order Spheres:

Indicate the number of ports required by replacing the X in the order number with the number of ports you desire. Choose the sphere size, number of ports and components you need to meet your application.

Standard Port Locations:

  • 2 ports 0° and North Pole
  • 3 ports 0°, 90° and North Pole
  • 4 ports 0°, 90°, 270° and North Pole
  • 5 ports 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° and North Pole

Ordering Information and Specifications

SPH-1-X  1 in (2.54 cm)  2 to 4  0.25 in (0.635 cm) Knife-edge  M4 
SPH-2-X  2 in (5.08 cm)  2 to 4  0.50 in (1.27  cm)
Knife-edge  M4 
SPH-4-X  4 in (10.2 cm) 2 to 5  1.00 in (2.54  cm)
Knife-edge  M6 
SPH-6-X  6 in (15.2 cm) 2 to 5  1.50 in (3.81  cm)
Knife-edge  M6 
SPH-8-X  8 in (20.3 cm) 2 to 5  2.00 in (5.08 cm) Knife-edge M6

Specifying an AdaptaSphere Baffle

(Bx (Baffle Style)-x (Sphere Size)-SF (Sphere Coating), Baffle Location

Baffle Styles and Locations:

BP Style BC Style

BP Style - Port-to-Port Baffle
(port-to-port location e.g. 0°/90°)
BC Style - Center-to-Port Baffle
(port location, e.g. 90°)

BE Style BCPP Style

BE Style - External Source Baffle
(port location e.g. 90°)
BCPP Style - Center-to-Port, and Port-to-Port Baffle
(center-port and port-port e.g. center-90° and 90° /NP)

AdaptaSphere Baffles

Sphere baffles are used to prevent light from traveling from one area of the sphere wall to another. We have designed our integrating spheres to allow users to easily install baffles at pre-designated areas within the sphere.

Four designs are available:

  • port-to-port style to block light between any two ports located at 90° apart
  • center-to-port style to block light from a given port to the center area of a sphere
  • center and port-to-port style simultaneously blocks light between two ports and a selected port from the center of the sphere
  • External baffle mounted at 90°

Ordering Information:

Baffles are available in each of the above mentioned styles with Spectraflect Coating.

For example:
BP-1-SF designates a 1-inch Spectraflect, port-to-port baffle. BC-2-SF designates a 2-inch Spectraflect,
center-to-port baffle

Order Number Description Compatible sphere size
BP-1-SF  Port-to-Port  1-inch sphere
BP-2-SF  Port-to-Port  2 inch sphere
BP-4-SF  Port-to-Port  4 inch sphere
BP-6-SF  Port-to-Port  6 inch sphere
BP-8-SF  Port-to-Port  8 inch sphere
BC-1-SF  Center-to-Port 1 inch sphere
BC-2-SF  Center-to-Port  2 inch sphere
BC-4-SF  Center-to-Port  4 inch sphere
BC-6-SF  Center-to-Port  6 inch sphere
BC-8-SF  Center-to-Port  8 inch sphere
BCPP-1-SF  Center, and Port-to-Port  1 inch sphere
BCPP-2-SF  Center, and Port-to-Port 2 inch sphere
BCPP-4-SF  Center, and Port-to-Port  4 inch sphere
BCPP-6-SF  Center, and Port-to-Port 6 inch sphere
BCPP-8-SF  Center, and Port-to-Port  8 inch sphere
BE-1-SF External Source (90°) 1 inch sphere
BE-2-SF External Source (90°) 2 inch sphere
BE-4-SF External Source (90°) 4 inch sphere
BE-6-SF External Source (90°) 6 inch sphere
BE-8-SF External Source (90°) 8 inch sphere